viernes, abril 09, 2010


The Rolleimot was an accesory intended to provide automatic film advance mechanism and shutter release for the Rolleiflex and Rolleimagic TLR cameras (Rolleimot 1 and 2) and Rollei SL 66 camera (Rolleimot 3). It can be handled with a wire remote control from 3m(10 feet) to 200m (650 feet), the 6v motor needed four D size batteries to work, it was manufactured from 1963 to 1969 (click on thumbnails).

Rolleimot 1 and 3 size is 100x180x180mm, the Rolleimot 2 shown above (diagram) size is 100x220x180mm, it was taller to compensate the camera height with the special 150 frames magazine, only 10 Rolleimot 2 were made.

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