miércoles, marzo 24, 2010


The Rollei P-11 projector (images below) was manufactured from September 1960 to the ending of 1978 in Braunschweig, Germany, by F&H, it had a few minor changes during the production, about 76200 units were made. It can project 24x36mm, 4x4cm and 6x6cm slides, it is provided with a remote control for the slides change and lens focusing. The P-11 can use several lenses manufactured for the 74 Tube, including those made for newer Rollei MF projectors; the P-11 in the images is provided with a Vario- Heidosmat 3,5/110mm-160mm made by Isco, it allows to vary the projected image size without to move the projector. It uses G17 q 4 feet base lamps, 300 watts for normal projection and 500 watts for large rooms projections (it requires an additional heat filter included in the P-11 case) . Halogen lamps could only be used via a conversion work, during lasts years of P-11 manufacture there was a dedicated 400 watts halogen lamp, but they are no longer available, it's more easy to find a new old stock lamp (images taken with a digital P&S camera, click on thumbnails).

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