miércoles, marzo 30, 2011

Rolleicord I decorative plates patent

F&H wanted to distinguish the first Rolleicord  from the Rolleiflex using etched decorative metal plates shown in the original patent excerpt above (click on thumbnail), the decoration were based on well known Art Decò style patterns. The production camera was made adopting the camera front and camera back patterns for the lateral panels and viewfinder hood too. The Rolleicord I "Art Decò" or "Tapeten-Rollei" in German (Wallpaper Rollei ) was manufactured from November 1933 to March 1936. The patent mainly protected the decorative plates use to finish the camera.

miércoles, marzo 23, 2011


The negative above was taken (Rolleiflex 2,8C Xenotar) and processed about six years ago, it is underexposed very clearly and has damage too. I scanned it several times and never liked the results, anyway they were better if scanning the neg on the scanner (Epson 4490) glass directly (image above); results using the scanner film holder produced a weak image or a blank scan, however I washed the neg again yesterday scanning it on the glass directly (image above) and using the film holder (image below), it was a surprise to me both results were about identical showing them a very slight difference in the histogram (1 point to reach the minimal black point, otherwise histograms are identical); problems are the Newton rings for the image above scanned on the glass directly, it shows them on the subject knee and anothers two rings on the pizza, they are very visible at higher image resolutions, the image scanned with the film holder (below) does not show this problem and then I prefer the image scanned with the film holder this time (both images received identical treatment). Now I obtained similar results  regarding scans for negs with right or about right exposure from the point of view you can't tell the image quality difference if scanned on the glass or with the film holder, the Newton rings are the main difference for this underexposed negative (click on thumbnails for the images largest size).