domingo, abril 25, 2010

220 film with Rolleiflex

I had published a comment about to use 220 film with a Rolleicord IV:
Now I tried 220 film with a Rolleiflex 2.8C Xenotar 2.8/80 without the special mechanism to use it regularly; the difference with a Rolleicord and others Rollei TLR cameras is that the C and most Rolleiflexes from the Automat model have the rollers to "feel" the film when it starts, to advance the film counter up to the number 1, using 220 film you need to do it again after to shoot the frame 12: before to advance the film I open the the camera back in the darkness adding a tape to the film beside the film feeler rollers, I close the camera back, advance the film and the tape activates again the frames counter mechanism and I obtain another 12 frames, completing 24 (see photograph, click on thumbnail, note the tape at the middle of the roll). It was commented to me other method looking even simpler, I'll try it for the next time

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Tommy - 湯米 dijo...

Hi, so by just adding a tape beside the film feeler rollers can make the counter works again? is that simple? your friend refer me to you, see link:

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