miércoles, marzo 24, 2010


The Rollei P-11 projector (images below) was manufactured from September 1960 to the ending of 1978 in Braunschweig, Germany, by F&H, it had a few minor changes during the production, about 76200 units were made. It can project 24x36mm, 4x4cm and 6x6cm slides, it is provided with a remote control for the slides change and lens focusing. The P-11 can use several lenses manufactured for the 74 Tube, including those made for newer Rollei MF projectors; the P-11 in the images is provided with a Vario- Heidosmat 3,5/110mm-160mm made by Isco, it allows to vary the projected image size without to move the projector. It uses G17 q 4 feet base lamps, 300 watts for normal projection and 500 watts for large rooms projections (it requires an additional heat filter included in the P-11 case) . Halogen lamps could only be used via a conversion work, during lasts years of P-11 manufacture there was a dedicated 400 watts halogen lamp, but they are no longer available, it's more easy to find a new old stock lamp (images taken with a digital P&S camera, click on thumbnails).

sábado, marzo 13, 2010

Rollei Large Format Camera

The Rollei LFC camera was designed and built by Dr. Wester-Ebbinghaus (photogrammetric parameters) and engineer Claus Prochnow (mechanical and electronic construction) from Rollei.
This camera was a terrestrial photogrammetric camera dedicated to the Airbus aircrafts industry, they needed exact images about the airplane fuselage parts to preview the way they would match because these parts were manufactured in different countries. The viewfinder was a modified Rollei 3003 camera QBM mount with parallax compensation (you can get an idea about the camera size comparing them). It used interchangeable Schneider Super Symmar 5,6/165mm and 5,6/210 lenses, the format was 230mm x 230mm (9"x 9"), it was provided with a 290 frames film magazin, it had an incorporated ring flash and central shutter with motor (1/125 to 4 sec shutter speeds). A microprocessor controlled the camera functions via several motors, the reseau had 12996 crosses. The camera was built from 1989 to 1995 and 10 units were made only.
(c) Carlos Manuel Freaza 2010 (technical info and image from Rollei Fototechnik leaflet and Claus Prochnow's Rollei Report V book and others Web resources).