martes, junio 08, 2010


This is my "new" Rolleiflex SL66 (click on thumbnail) with the Distagon 4/80 standard lens provided with an additional Compur shutter, it's a great MF camera manufactured from 1966 to about 1993, the built-in bellows and focusing mechanism allow focusing up to 16cm from the subject with 80mm standard lenses, image magnification can be increased via the reverse lens mounting without accesories. A complete Carl Zeiss and others manufacturers lenses range is available and a lot of professional accesories, film magazines, focusing viewfinders and focusing screens too; the bellows can move up/down up to 8º allowing a limited "Scheimpflug" effect. Most camera's mechanical parts were designed by Richard Weiss and Claus Prochnow, Rollei's engineers, while Ernst Moeckl from Stuttgart was in charge of the camera general aesthetic design. The SL66 was a successful camera, this page is plenty of info about it:

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