jueves, diciembre 30, 2010

Rollei Tele PLANAR Diagrams

The short tele Carl Zeiss Planar f2/120mm HFT for the Rolleiflex SL66 (above) was included in the HFT lenses program about 1972/1973 and appeared in brochures and SL66 instruction manuals at the time, it also was described by L.A. Mannheim in his book "The Rolleiflex SL66 and SLX way" written and published at the time too, however it seems this lens  was never manufactured for the market, something happened that only a prototype is known today and brochures and description are based on this prototype very probably. Facts are that this lens is not mentioned in the lenses program for the SL66 E, SL66 SE and SL66 X, cameras made from 1982 and 1986. Several new or improved lenses were introduced for the SL66 along the years during the SL 66 decades of production, however something was wrong for the CZ Planar f2/120mm HFT; it had 7 elements, 5 groups, 36º image angle diagonally, f stops from 2 to 16, 86mm screw -in filters and the weight was 810 grams, it was thought for sports, stage and theatre, etc. 
THE PLANAR f2/110mm
The CZ Planar HFT 2/110 short tele made for the Rolleiflex 6000 diagram looks almost identical regarding the SL66  2/120 lens, the 110 has the 5th and 6th elements separated while they are cemented for the 120. This was a successful lens for the 6000 cameras and was/is made in different versions, O, PQ,PQS, MO, it weighs about 1295 gr (it's heavier because uses the Rollei motor shutter).

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