viernes, septiembre 03, 2010

A camera to restore

This great camera knew better times, I'll try to restore it or it will be a spare parts source for my other Contax II that works fine and looks very good. The interesting point for the camera above is the lens, it is an immediate post-war (March 1947) Sonnar 2/5 cm showing the Zeiss "T" coating developed by Smakula and patented for CZ in 1935, it was the first lens coating process suitable for regular industrial use and stated top secret up to about 1940 when the USA developed a similar hard lens coating process and then CZ was authorized to apply the coating for commercial lenses, it means the lens above is among the early lenses with the process, the story behind the camera and lens makes almost impossible it could be an uncoated lens originally and coated after the war (click on thumbnail).

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