sábado, julio 24, 2010

Rolleinar 3...1

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I bought a Rolleinar 3 BIII some weeks ago (http://dobleobjetivo.blogspot.com/2010/04/rolleinar-3-biii.html), I took images using the set , they were out of focus where they looked in focus through the viewfinder ground glass and they were in focus where they looked out of focus through the viewfinder ground glass. After some tests, I found a big difference focusing identical subject from identical distance according I used the Heidosmat Rolleinar (viewing lens) and the Rolleinar 3 lens (for the camera taking lens) on the camera viewing lens, this difference couldn't exist for a regular Rolleinar TLR set, the focusing must be identical for both auxiliries lenses.

I verified that the focusing range for the Rolleinar Heidosmat auxiliary lens for the camera viewing lens was within the Rolleinar 3 range, 24 to 32 cm (9.45" to 12.60"), but the Rolleinar 3 auxiliary lens (for the camera taking lens) focusing range was within the Rolleinar 1 focusing range, 45 to 100 cm (17.70" to 39.37") !!. I discovered I have a true Heidosmat Rolleinar 3, but a Rolleinar 1 taking lens glass with a ring engraved "Rolleinar 3" !!.

I couldn't find a detail to say someone inserted a Rolleinar 1 glass in a Rolleinar 3 ring, perhaps I could be wrong about it, or perhaps someone made an error at factory (this is my main guessing), but I don't know really. The image above shows the Rolleinar set, click on the thumbnail, it was taken with a little P&S digital camera, a Benq with Pentax digital zoom.

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