domingo, enero 03, 2010

Rolleiflex SL 35M Rolleinars

Rolleiflex SL 35 cameras models: SL 35; SL35M; SL35ME; SL 35 E (electronic shutter and smaller than the previous models) were cameras with excellent Carl Zeiss and Schneider optics, however the cheaper Rolleinar lenses line were excellent too, they were provided with modern Japanese design by computer software (Mamiya and Tokina and Kiron and Sigma mainly) and offering zoom lenses no available for the German lenses line initially. You can see in the photograph a Rolleiflex SL 35M camera made in Singapore with a Rolleinar MC f4/80-200mm zoom and a Rolleinar f3,5/200mm prime lens to the left (click on thumbnail, taken with a digital P&S)).

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